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Alexandra Printzios MA, RP (Qualifying)

Psychotherapy + Counselling

Every person in this world deserves to be loved and accepted for exactly who they are. Unfortunately, the message many of use receive throughout our lives does not encourage unconditional self-love and acceptance. As a coping mechanism, we learn to become critical of ourselves in order to get our needs of connection and belonging met. However, genuine connection and belonging can only arise from a place of authenticity.  In order to share the entirety of your being with others, we need to create a safe and welcoming space for all parts of ourselves including the parts we find difficult, challenging, and uncomfortable.


You may fear that accepting and allowing difficult emotions such as depression, anxiety, and anger gives these energies the power to take control and run your life. However, I have found that precisely the opposite is true: unless we contact and relate to our difficult emotions, they will unconsciously control our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without our consent. By making a relationship with difficult energies, we can understand and respect the function of emotions without giving up our power to choose how to respond to our life circumstances.


While learning to skillfully ride the waves of inevitable discomfort, we can also cultivate qualities such as compassion, contentment, and gratitude, all of which naturally increase feelings of joy and wellbeing. By staying with and enjoying the satisfying aspects of life, our experience can become more than simply riding the waves of suffering and instead can increasingly focus on the savoring of wellbeing.


If this approach resonates with you or you’re curious to learn more, I invite you to book a free 30 minute consultation with me to see if we would be a good fit. I look forward to connecting with you.




Alexandra is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Alexandra works with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, general unease, life transitions, the effects of trauma, and relationship issues. Alexandra is trained in mindfulness-based Contemplative Psychotherapy and received an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder. Alexandra obtained a Bachelor of Science from Princeton University and has trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Attachment Theory, and the Neurobiological Implications of Trauma.