Mary Catherine McGee RMT

Registered Massage Therapy

I have always had a passion for body work & healing. Massage therapy has allowed me to pursue this passion, and provide knowledgeable care to a vast array of clientele. I’m a registered member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), and have a background in Nutritional Science (Ryerson University). I believe that the power of touch has the ability to heal both mental and physical ailments. I consider massage therapy to be a perfect combination of holistic and science-based treatment. My vast anatomy knowledge, coupled with a keen desire to help, allows me to deliver integrative and intuitive treatment.


I have been trained in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, scar tissue work (including C-section and mastectomy/top surgery scarring), fascial release, stretch therapy, visceral massage, and more! I work with clientele to deliver effective care; from general relaxation massage to therapeutics for specific ailments (such as sprains/strains, frozen shoulder, and nerve compressions). 


In 2018, I completed Trimesters training for pregnancy massage, including a placement at the NICU in Sunnybrook Hospital. I have provided pregnancy and labour-support for both pre- and post-natal clientele. I am certified to teach mat Pilates, and have a firm belief that motion is medicine! I put careful thought into administering home care exercises, tailored to the client’s specific needs.  


I am proud to be an LGBTQ2+ friendly therapist. I believe in body positivity for all sizes, and remain dedicated to providing the best care possible. In my free time, you can find me doing yoga, traveling, reading tarot cards, and cooking delicious vegan food!

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