Kim Goode BA, RMT

Registered Massage Therapy

Kim's style is best described as a medium to firm pressure massage that gets to all the hard to reach spots. Treatments are an enjoyable hands-on experience accompanied by therapeutic exercises and insights about your individual body mechanics that will help you make realistic lifestyle changes. With a degree in Kinesiology from Western University (2016) and a Massage Therapy Diploma from Sutherland-Chan (2017), Kim delivers a relaxing tissue-engaging massage with a clinical focus. 

Kim is also trained in MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), DSC (Dynamic Silicone Cupping), Post-Surgical Scar Work and Breast Massage. These specialties allow her to treat and assist many clients who have undergone any chest-related surgeries (ie. Mastectomy/Top Surgery, Breast Reconstruction - Breast Enhancement/Reduction, Lumpectomy, Transition Surgeries etc.)

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