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Finding the Right Fit: My Journey to Becoming Mindful Maelstrom's Intake Coordinator

by Alexandra Printzios

I started my journey at Mindful Maelstrom as a psychotherapist to help people feel happier and more at peace, and wanted to create space where people could feel safe and free from judgment. It was an honour to simply provide clients with a compassionate space but the most rewarding part of my role was when a client felt like they could share their vulnerabilities with me. We would sit and feel the waves of emotions together and I could reassure them that they were not in it alone. When I would see them leave the session just a tiny bit lighter, with less concern on their face, breathing a little bit deeper, it cemented my understanding of the profound power of psychotherapy.

As rewarding as my practice was, I soon came to realize the type of disposition one needs to have to be a successful therapist in a sustainable way. They must be patient, flexible, comfortable with uncertainty, and willing to trust in the therapeutic process as it unfolds. I, on the other hand, am a logical, systematic, goal-oriented person who craves certainty and immediate results.

I spent my years as a psychotherapist consulting with my colleagues at Mindful Maelstrom about their approaches, their response to different situations, what they found challenging, and what they found most rewarding. I wanted to know how they uncovered their unique way of offering the compassionate and nonjudgmental space where long-term healing happens in psychotherapy. 

Through that process, I came to know my colleague's approaches intimately. None of them had quite the same methods. Some were more spiritual, while others focused on neuropsychology. Some delved deeply into structured modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, while others gravitated towards more fluid approaches like Narrative Therapy and mindfulness. Some were passionate about specific subjects like supporting those in the LGBTQ+ communities, while others were inclined to help support people through anxiety or relationship challenges.

When I finally decided that my disposition simply did not lend itself to being a psychotherapist, I realized I could still help people access the gifts of therapy. I could use my in-depth knowledge of my colleagues' unique strengths and approaches to help new clients navigate the sometimes stressful and daunting process of determining which therapist would best be able to support them on their healing journey. 

As your Intake Coordinator, I will:

1. Get to know your unique needs and goals. I will strive to understand if you need support around a specific topic such as anxiety, depression, relationships, identity, trauma, PTSD, career, etc. 

2. Consider your scheduling needs. I will do my best to ensure that my recommendation will align with your schedule so you can connect with your therapist in a sustainable way that won't disrupt your other obligations.

3. Understand your financial situation. If you have insurance coverage, I will help you navigate through your provider's requirements and aim to ensure that my recommendation will be covered by your plan. If you have limited income and feel that the cost of therapy is beyond your means, I will help you understand if our Affordable Therapy program is right for you. 

4. Get to know your temperament and inclinations. I will want to know if you have any preferences that we haven't already covered. I will strive to read between the lines using skills from my training as a psychotherapist to help me get an intuitive sense of which psychotherapist's approach would be most helpful for your constitution. 

Kristina has welcomed me so warmly into the Mindful Maelstrom community ever since I met her in 2018. She has made me feel like a part of her family and I want to offer that same warm welcome to all new clients looking to access the magical, healing energy that emanates from every corner of Mindful Maelstrom Wellness Clinic.

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