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Ossington Community Acupuncture

By Henry Claflin, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Coming this fall to Mindful Maelstrom. Community acupuncture makes treatment more accessible. How does it work, and is it right for you?

Everyone is different. Everyone needs something different to get back into balance. An acupuncturist sees what makes you unique and uses it to provide better, more effective health care.

For a lot of people, community acupuncture can provide the relief you are looking for in a model that is affordable and accessible. The key is knowing when to use it.

Community acupuncture is great for treating:

- injuries less than 2 weeks old

- general stress

- common cold or flu

- acute digestive problems

- headache

- labour induction

For complicated or chronic health issues, community acupuncture may not provide the time and resources needed to get to the root of the issue. For these people, a community treatment might help with the symptoms for a day or two, but it keeps coming back. There’s nothing wrong with a few days of relief. Occasionally, what might seem like a complicated problem may actually be straight-forward to someone who treats similar things every day. That is to say, come by and get advice from your local health care professional.

As a rule of thumb, if your health concern is older than 3 months, or there are 3 or more major issues at the same time, you probably want to start with a private session.

If you are not sure whether to come for a community clinic session or a private session, call us or book a free consultation.

What is community acupuncture like?

A row of four treatment beds, each one with fresh sheets and pillows, in a large and open comfortable room. You come in, sit down on the free bed and wait for the acupuncturist to come see you. They are quietly talking with another patient on another bed. You lay back, meditate, or listen to the ambient music in the room.

A few minutes later, your acupuncturist comes over. You explain what brings your in and what has been going on in your life. Your practitioner asks a couple questions, takes your pulse, palpates your arms and legs, checks areas that have been bothering you, and then starts the treatment. You settle into the bed and feel the familiar sensations of your body releasing, relaxing, realigning.

For a cold or a simple injury from the day before, a 15-minute treatment may actually be all you need. For slightly more complicated situations, your acupuncturist may ask you to stay a bit longer. Maybe you need moxibustion (heat therapy) or cupping. Maybe you need one or two needles retained to break up scar tissue. Maybe you need 20 minutes for your nervous system to power down from the stressed-out sympathetic state into the restorative parasympathetic state.

It’s your acupuncturist’s work to perceive what your body needs to heal. There are many things that we can do in the community acupuncture clinic to begin and continue a healing process.


If you are wondering if community acupuncture might help you, contact us or drop by and give it a try!

Ossington Community Acupuncture

Coming this Fall to Mindful Maelstrom Wellness Clinic

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