Psychotherapy & Counselling

At Mindful Maelstrom our therapists make use of a dynamic blend of approaches in psychotherapeutic practice. Synthesizing aspects of person-centered, emotion-focused, cognitive / dialectical behavioural and mindfulness-based therapies. Our philosophy embodies the notion that through psychotherapy, you are the expert on what you need and we serve as a witness, warm presence and guide. Psychotherapy may be a means toward an end and a support to help you achieve your goals, or it may be a journey of self-exploration and increased introspection with no specific end-goal in mind. The approach we use adapts to your unique needs.

Our Registered Psychotherapists

Rebecca Barrett-Wallis MA, CCC, RP

Sabrina Conrad MBA, RP

Kristina Dragnea MC, RP (Qualifying)

Stephanie Fournier MC, RP (Qualifying)

Yordanka Garmenova MEd, RP

Lucia Gallegos, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Will Groenewegen MEd, RP

Krista Huyer MA, RP (Qualifying)

Tatjana Kecman MA, RP

Spencer Nageleisen MA, RP (Qualifying) 

Carol Pitre RSSW, RP (Qualifying)

Alexandra Printzios, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Caroline Veldhuis MA, RP (Qualifying)

Fee Information

Individual Therapy (50 minutes) $140 - $160

Couples Therapy (50 minutes) $180

* Our fees are inclusive of HST

* Sessions with our psychotherapists may be reimbursable by your extended health benefit plan. Please confirm your coverage before booking your consultation. 

* Direct billing for psychotherapy is available with Green Shield Canada.

* A limited number of spots are available at a reduced rate on a case-by-case basis. 

Affordable Therapy

Are you looking for a therapist but are unsure if you'll be able to afford it? Our low cost initiative strives to ease financial stress and provide access for compassionate support from one of our registered psychotherapists.

​Ready to book a consultation?

1. Read through our therapist profiles above to see who you resonate with.

2. See who is accepting new clients and who might work within your availability.

3. If you intend to use extended health benefits, review your coverage before you book.

4. Call, email or drop by to book, or use our online booking platform.

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If you'd like to see if therapy is right for you, book a free consultation with one of our psychotherapists.

"Do I need therapy?"

Taking the first step to call for an appointment can be very unnerving.  It requires courage to admit that the way you have been doing things may not be working.  Or perhaps things have happened in your life, through no fault of your own, that feel out of control or unmanageable.  Therapy is right for you if you are willing and ready to take the courageous leap, be truthful about what is happening and share your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional.  Together we can look at the big picture and help make sense of it all.  In some cases, we may be able to direct you to a resource that is just what you need for your particular problem.  Or perhaps, at this point in your life,  you just need someone who will listen.  We will work together to figure out the next best steps.  Therapy is right for you if you are ready to get the most out of your life by taking responsible actions to improve your self awareness and to intentionally work towards greater health. You deserve that.  You don't have to keep hurting. 

"What happens during a therapy session?"

We call this "Talk Therapy" for a reason.  We will talk.  Yet each session is unique to you and your needs.  Sessions are 50 minutes long.  In the first meeting, you will be asked questions related to what you hope to accomplish during therapy and how long you have been experiencing difficulties.  We will discuss the relationships in your life and what things are working or not working.  Some therapy can be short term.  Sometimes therapy will need to be ongoing for several months to work on deeper issues.  Together you and your therapist will come up with a plan. You will be encouraged to be an active participant in session, and perhaps offered some reading or exercises which you can do on your own to integrate the best possible change.  Our aim is for you to leave the first session feeling some relief and with a plan in mind. 

"What can I expect from the 
therapists at Mindful Maelström?"

You can expect to receive compassion, empathy, respect and understanding from us in an environment that feels warm, safe and inviting.  You can expect to receive practical guidance and perhaps new perspectives to help you uncover and understand patterns and negative feelings that are inhibiting you from living your best life. 

We can help you in several ways, some of which include allowing therapy to move at a pace that you are comfortable with, as well as checking in with you periodically to ensure that we are staying focused on your goals. By using empathy and by paying careful attention to your words, mood, and body language (a technique known as “tracking”), we work to join you in experiencing your thoughts and emotions.  This joining, when done in a way that feels comfortable for you, can decrease the feelings of isolation, fear, shame, or despair that sometimes accompany personal struggles.  

"What does each session cost?

Will health insurance pay for it?"

Our fees range from $140 - $180 (inclusive of tax) per 50 minute session.  We offer a limited number of spots at a reduced rate to those who are facing financial difficulties, and hold clinic hours on Fridays for our Affordable Therapy initiative.  Please enquire for more information.

Psychotherapy sessions are covered by most extended health plans. However, as every plan is different, we ask that you confirm the exact details of your benefits in advance. All our therapists are members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and some of our therapists are supervised by members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). Psychotherapy is recognized as a medical expense by the Canada Revenue Agency and is eligible for tax credit. Please retain your invoices for these purposes.

We offer prospective clients a free 30-minute in clinic consultation, during which we can discuss what you are hoping to accomplish in therapy, if/how one of us can help, and who would be a good fit for you.