Telehealth at Mindful Maelstrom

Now available for Psychotherapy & Naturopathic Medicine

Virtual sessions can be an effective option for accessing support when in-person sessions are not available to you. Whether you are vacationing, traveling for work, injured or sick, or even running late - having a telehealth back-up plan ensures continuity of care wherever you are, no matter the situation.

Sessions held via your Jane account, or other conferencing platforms your practitioner may use, are compliant with privacy laws. You will receive steps on how to connect in advance of your appointment. Please note when booking if you'd prefer your session by phone. 

A few things to consider before a video or phone session:

  • It is both you and your practitioner's responsibility to ensure your utmost privacy during these calls. Please consider in advance where you plan to take this call and if it is private enough for you. 

  • If privacy in your home (or an alternative space) is not possible, consider taking the call in a park or other wide-open area. If this option is being used, you will decide together at the onset of the session about the limits of your discussion to keep the conversation safe.

  • We encourage the use of a headset for privacy and better sound quality.

  • In the case of video calls, please assure that the lighting in your space isn't backlit. A window or bright light behind you will make it difficult to see your face.

  • Remember to make sure your devices are well charged and your internet connection is in good working order.

  • Please take a moment to insure all of your contact information is entered correctly in your client profile. This will help us reach you without any delays. 

  • In the event that technology fails, your practitioner will have a back-up arrangement to conduct the session.

  • At the end of your session, your credit card on file will be charged or an e-transfer can be sent to: Naturopathic sessions can be direct billed to your private health insurance. Please let your practitioner or our front desk know your preferred method of payment.

Tips for Finding Privacy for Online or Phone Sessions:

  1. Take the call while walking in nature or another wide open area.

  2. Find a quiet seat outdoors - a park bench or balcony.

  3. Sit in your car and roll the seat back to relax.

  4. Build a fort with blankets/pillows for sound insulation - a closet works even better!

  5. Encourage your housemates/spouse/mom to go for a walk so you have your space to yourself.

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