Will Groenewegen M.Ed, RP

Psychotherapy + Counselling

Sometimes the realities of life can leave us with unmanageable amounts of

worry & anxiety, self-doubt, despair, depression, panic, anger, and general existential concern. Psychotherapy can help.


The assumptions and expectations we have about life inform our reality, and determine the quality and experience of our lives. Many of these automatic thoughts and core beliefs are buried so deep inside of us that they're difficult to find, let alone change. This can make it hard to know what exactly our ideas about life are, and whether or not they’re good ones to have. All too often, our underlying worldview is irrational, unhelpful, negative, and outdated, distorting our perspective, leading us to interpret understand and experience life in an insecure and despairing way.

Using CBT, Existential, and Mindfulness forms of psychotherapy, I help clients develop the tools to think, act and feel better. I take a solution-focused, yet philosophically driven approach to psychotherapy, and stress the power we have over investigating and updating our beliefs and approaches to life; with these tools we get better at controlling what we can and get better at maneuvering through what we can’t. 


CBT: By understanding the interconnectedness of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and by infiltrating the (often negative) automatic thoughts that drive the way we feel and behave, CBT offers a way to better understand your core beliefs; why they might exist, and how to identify, investigate and modify them.


Existential psychotherapy helps to focus on the inevitability of sadness and stress in our lives, offering a method of experience that works to harness these emotions and thoughts into creativity, meaning and purpose. It frames experience and understanding through topics such as uncertainty, control, avoidance, freedom, death, responsibility and meaning. 


Many of the insights of Mindfulness-informed psychotherapy are experiential, and speaks to a personal relationship with our body as well as our mind. It is concerned with focus, intention, and gives us insight into change and uncertainty, helping us better sit with the discomforts of life, and manage what was otherwise assumed to be too overwhelming.


Will holds bachelor degrees in philosophy and education, and a masters degree in counselling psychology. He is registered with the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario), a member of the OACCPP (Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists), and has been in private practice since 2012.

Will sees clients for many different issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, addiction, panic and general existential concern. With a philosophical and introspective approach to therapy, and the belief that by considering our assumptions about existence, by understanding and embracing the paradoxical nature of our lives, and by developing a present-minded relationship between our mind and body, we can reframe our ideas and experience life for the better.

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